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June 21, 2011

Exmortis 2 walkthrough(with pics)

it's been a while...had school work to do,and I was rly busy. So now that is summer,I will continue on with the walkthroughs,so expect more from me.

So,let's get started!!!

"The hordes of Exmortis swept across the Earth.
A plague unlike anything humanity had ever encountered.
In their final stand, a handful of mankind's last survivors
stood their ground - defiant of their inevitable fate.
And in those last moments as Death took these brave souls,
a stranger passing in the distance put his plans in motion."

"Where is your God now?"

You start at the Rendevous Point.There's an old car parked behind the Church,and the sky is red...scary much?How come the red sky couldn't spread to Serbia?Ah,yes.I know!Those motherfuckers don't give a shit about my country!Assholes!!!

Go inside.

Inside the Rural Church,the thick layer of dust covers the pews(meaning seats.don't mistake the regular seat with a pew.lele....)
but wait,you are not alone!!Holy shit,someone is here...leaving disgusting bloody footprints.I wonder who could it be.It entered the confessional booth.(the right one) Go inside the left confessional booth.

Inside,click on the face,and then the dialogue starts.Since u're gonna be an ass,at least pay attention what Vlaew...I mean,this dude says...he mentions a parchment that you will need to read.After the conversation,go back,and enter the right booth.
Aw,it stinks in here....At least the next time u see him,you will smell him coming! xD

Read the parchment carefully.You will see that it belongs to Lochear Fields Ranch.
After u read it,there is an Easter egg...I think that it is...Return back to your left booth u were in.Wacko!!!

Anyways,leave the Church by going through the left door.

aw,shit!The door is closed,and u have nowhere to go!Get the hook from the car roof,use the hook to fish out the keys from the floorboard,then quickly use the key with the car,and escape.

Xavier's Legacy

This is the Lochear Fields ranch.Go inside.

The picture fell off.Go upstairs.

You see Xavier Rehayem, saying: "Get out!" He closes all four doors.
I think we made him mad...
anyways,go inside the first room.

In the first room,there is a naked lady..But dead...Yay.*ahem*
There is a bible that u don't need,yet,and a diary.You don't need to read it,but it would be wise to read it.oh wait!U have to!Like the same thing with the first episode.
Go back,and go to the left door.

There are children....But who could of covered them???
Any who,take the lighter... and go back to the hall...
Go to the second right door...

...but there's nothing in it...If you click on the shower curtain,there is nothing in there....Go back,and go to the second left door...

There,you will see an apparition of a little girl,looking through the window.I guess she never saw it coming.any who,look at the board on the right...

Take the key,and go down....

Holy shit!!!A Keanu Reeves moment.Never mind....anyways,go to the left hall...
Go inside the vent shaft,but it's too dark in it.Use the lighter...but wait,someone is in it....Then Xavier shows up..

Yup,that's Xavier.After you snapped out,continue on...but wait,you can't pass it,because the....thingamajic(not a creature) is blocking your way.Go back.oops,forgot to mention to go to the next room to the right.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah,shit!!!Ignore the hanging man...if you're a fan of sudoku,then try to guess the code for the toolbox in the closet.Oh wait,you can't.Mwahahahaha....
But,I will tell you anyways.if you can solve my riddle.

"The first number is the day of women,
The second number is nine minus six,
and the third number is between zero and two."

Go back to the closet,click on the toolbox and use the code that you solved.

After that,grab the screwdriver and go back to the vent.Use the screwdrivers on the screws and go in.Yippeeee.We finally made it schitt!!!

The guy killed himself...never mind...grab the gun,remove the plank that was blocking the door,and go outside.Then use the key on the cellar door.Go in...

Inside the cellar,there is a radio,that was mentioned in the diary.On your left are various books,which also contains the book that Xavier has written. "Vetus Hostillis Exmortis" is the title,mentioning the what was,what is and what will be.
also,check this out...

If you played the first Exmortis,then you should recognize the symbols,but this time,they are different.In the first one there was a combined Stanic(again,don't ask) with circles on the edges,but now....welll....guess it urself.I have no idea what it is!
Go back,and now,the Exmortis found u...Quickly go inside and return to the start.Go upstairs and go to the first room,you went.Then get the bible.

There is a dagger inside of it.Grab it and leave the room.Xavier is waiting for you,and click on him.


wondering what you need to do,you then discover that the four innocent have been killed.Now you're the 5th and the last innocent soul in order to open the portal.Only option,kill yourself.Come on....No one will miss ya.(I didn't mean in real life,and since u're playing as Joshua Hannay,at least be lucky that he's gonna kill himself!)

And now,the scene starts....
"Kill yourself...check!"


You have now entered the Spirit realm.There are 3 Bijou or Beacons.(not BACON)
You have to click on them in the right order:


The first one solved.On to the second one.

This one is a little bit obscure.This timer,there are 5 Beacons.Click on them in right order:


And voila...

Now there are only 2 Beacons standing between the huge circle.On top of the circle reads "What Was,What Is and What Will Be"
Here goes nothing...Go inside it...

Wow...What a trip...Let's do it again!!!
*ahem* continuing on,click on as many times as u can on the bullet box,before you move forward..Then move forward....

Now we battle..

Use the gun on the monsters that crawl towards you.After you defeated them...Got get the Hand...

The gun won't work on him,so use the dagger instead...And plunge it deep inside his heart,just like Vlaew,who did that to his brother Kfafta.

After that...well...he's gone now...

Now,onward....Keep going until you reached the end...and there he stands...

Lord Vlaew himself...He congratulates you...and after wards...well....he gives you....

"A Quick Death!"

There you have it...Cya on the next walkthrough.